Jill Davidian, Founder/CEO Applied Instructional Design Academy

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Carol Beach, Applied Instructional Design Academy Mentor

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Amber Brache, Applied Instructional Design Academy Mentor

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Wendy Lowenburg, Applied Instructional Design Academy Colleague

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Linda Riley, Applied Instructional Design Academy Colleague

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I served as a mentor in the Applied Instructional Design Academy where Darla completed a certificate program. She created a great sample, which I provided feedback for. She was adept at implementing updates as she progressed through the program. This program is very rigorous in its Instructional Design education, and her completion of the program is evidence of her abilities and hard work. ~ Ana Yoder, AIDA Mentor, Learning Strategy and Design

Darla is a confident, hardworking person who has the innate ability to make everyone she meets feel welcome. She is smart, inquisitive and a dedicated team player. Her ID work is exceptional and if you get a chance to work with her, you will be supported by one of the best. ~ Linda Riley, AIDA Cohort Member

Darla excels as an Instructional Designer. She is a great communicator, a fun team member, and brings strong skills to the team. Darla's love for vivid colors can be seen throughout her portfolio. Darla will bring creativity and great design to all of her projects. She will be a treasured asset to any company! ~ Wendy Lowenberg, AIDA Cohort Member